30th January 2016

Desktop Publishing

We also offer desktop publishing

Premium Linguistic Services in Birmingham can also help with DTP publishing services in multiple languages. Why not give us a call today; we will be delighted to help.

Editing To Fit

When languages are translated from one to another the number of words can change. For example, if a document with 1,000 Punjabi words is translated into English, it would on average convert into 1,300 words. Reversely, if an English text of 1,000 words is translated into Polish, it would on average convert into 890 words. This expansion and contraction of words can make it quite complicated when fitting translations into a fixed layout that is why we recruited experts who are qualified in working with different language sets to present the final article in a specific original design or format.

Type Setting

Translating from English to Arabic or Oriental languages or African languages takes more than different spellings; it’s a whole new alphabet set. We have experts in foreign language typesetting working within their own languages to ensure accuracy of the final product. There are several ways in which we can adapt your translations to fit your design remit. Please contact us about how we can do more for your project.

Speak The Language Of The World

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Terminology usage and building
  • Regional adaptation
  • Translations

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) services

Some of our clients do not only want their content translated, but also want it to be presented to them in similar way as the original. We are now specialised in formatting, editing and designing many types of documents.