30th January 2016


Do you want break the interpreting barrier?

When you need to communicate with non-English speaking people it can be difficult and learning the language will take a lot of time. In order to help you with these languages Premium Linguistic Services based in Birmingham will help you with the right interpreting for any languages.

Types of interpreting

  • Ad-hoc interpreting
  • Consecutive
  • Whispering
  • We also offer telephone interpreting
  • We pledge to source an interpreter in less than 60 seconds

Interpreter that's right for you

You can choose from a wide range of interpreters offering you a high standard of service, for any language. All of our interpreters are bound by a professional code of conduct. They are fully aware of the importance of impartiality and confidentiality.

Highly qualified with

  • DPSI , PhD in Linguistics , English Literature , Community interpreting level 3 ,MA, BA in translation
  • Go through a vigorous assessment to be able to join our agency Linguistic assessment performed by one of our senior assessors
  • We offer 24 hours support to our interpreters for some sensitive assignments

Interpreters for all sectors and fields

  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Face-To-Face Interpreting
  • Interpreting Via Skype

Quality Assurance

Every booking is analysed separately and issues such as nature of the booking, gender, religion, age, possible connection between interpreter and the client or cultural and political factors are taken into account. For mental health assignments, we will only assign interpreters who have considerable experience in the field and are receiving free of charge psychological support from our partner therapists.

We investigate the possible link between the interpreter and the client and only use interpreters that are not linked to the patient. Female interpreters are chosen for all female patients’ visits. We make sure the interpreter and the patient are not from two hostile regions and if possible share the same religion in order to understand and respect religion- related customs.

All our Interpreters receive a journey planner including a map of the venue, train times and estimate of journey time.

Three hours before each assignment, interpreters receive an automated text message confirming the time and address of the booking once more. We have a system to monitor the preferred or on-going interpreter for a specific client or case. So we can use the same interpreter for continuity reasons when required. Feedback is an essential part of our monitoring process. It allows us to keep abreast of general adherence to service expectations.

Our Interpreters always go to each assignment with a time-sheet, a feedback form, mobile phone and ID card.