What is Translation?

Translation is converting the meaning of written documents from one language (source) to another language (target).

It is important for the Linguists and Project management team to review and consider the intent of the message, any cultural and regional variances between the source and target languages.

Why translation is important?

Translation is important because people prefer to read information in their native language as it gives them a greater understanding. Translation allows you to give more value to your audience.

Translation spreads ideas and information to every person regardless of their main language.  It allows ideas and information to spread across cultures.

Why hire a translator / become a translator?

We pride ourselves in offering a complete tailored solution package for our clients, using the latest, most accurate professional services available in over 250 languages, including rare dialects (i.e. Twi, Amharic etc.)

Our translators only translate into and from their native languages. All documents will be passed on to be proofread by our independent proofreaders to ensure 100% accuracy.

All our translation work will be delivered from our Birmingham office however we will be relying on our linguists based all over the UK. If you would like to become a translator, then please Click Here.

What types of translation services do we provide?

Premium linguistic Services relies on our translators to deliver a bespoke service to our clients. We offer certified translation services ranging from and or including;

  • Legal reports
  • Police investigations
  • Medical conversations
  • Court evidence
  • Website Localisation

Why use our certified translation services?

We guarantee the fastest turnaround time to meets your requirements. There are no projects too big or too small for our team to handle.

All our translators are members of the CIoL and the ITI. We also guarantee the highest level of accuracy as we are governed by the Association of Translation Companies the ATC.

Premium Linguistic Services are proud to be UKAS accredited for the ISO 27001. This ensures we comply with the latest industry standards.

Looking for an accredited, reliable, quality language services provider please call us on 0121 448 3030.